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Dear all,

Airmanship, a very aviation word as well as the first word we should learn from the first day. Interestingly, at least from my perspective, we are learning the real meaning - the behind significance through day-to-day practice and the process is endless.

Basic Knowledge, there is no basic rightly! For some people, it may a basic knowledge but for others it may advanced already, so just let us combine all the knowledge together.

Communication, the traditional concept - "ANC - Aviate, Navigate and Communicate" - somehow aviation is developed to enhance people connection! Just let us learn how to do it!

Do it- Execution is the final process - without action, all is nothing.

This website basically is a restricted airspace - private area - for my continuous self-studying. Well, now you enter my space.

Wish you enjoy the website - it's literally my e-notebook.

Best regard,


ABCD.XXX founder




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