Logical and ecological

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan-3Feb 2020] Swiss aviation pioneer and climate advocate Bertrand Piccard has a powerful and urgent message for the aviation and aerospace industries: innovate quickly, or risk losing your business to the realities of climate change. After finishing the 21,600nm (40,000km) journey in 2016 – the first by a fixed-wing aircraft powered […]

Are biofuels the future?

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan-3Feb 2020] The target set by IATA a decade ago calls for a 50% reduction in net aviation CO2 emissions by 2050, relative to 2005 levels, and carbon-neutral growth from 2020. Lord Adair Turner, who now chairs the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) – a group specialising in the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate […]

Portuguese airports warned over ‘confusing’ terminology

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan-3Feb 2020] Two identical serious take-off incidents within two weeks involving EasyJet Airbus A320s at Lisbon. Both incidents involved the aircraft accelerating with ­insufficient thrust and becoming airborne close to the far end of the runway. While calculating take-off performance criteria with the electronic flightbag, the pilots both based the calculation […]

A380 makes way for A321 in Toulouse

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan-3Feb 2020] To increase A321 production capability, Airbus is converting its A380 facilities in Toulouse to accommodate a ­digitally-enabled A321 final ­assembly line. It will introduce production of the A321 to Toulouse for the first time – Airbus’s largest single-aisle variant is currently built in Hamburg Finkenwerder and ­Mobile, Alabama. The […]