ICAO Recommendation on bird control

[Ref AVIA4022 handout] ICAO recommendation on bird control includes: identify the populations of bird that causing problem determine behavior patterns of those birds studies on the ecology of the airport environment determine what attracts those birds to the airport area ICAO recommendation on bird control is actually a typical problem solving approach which includes identifying […]

The significance of standardised signs and information inside the passenger terminal building

[Ref AVIA4022 handout] Why standardization of signs and information inside the passenger terminal building is important? easier to be comprehended by the passengers able to create a sense of openness since all (both overhead and floor level) signage have specific restriction on the dimension (feature text-style and color) is a method to establish and maintain […]

Apron management’s objectives

[Ref AVIA4022 handout] The ultimate goal of apron management is to ensure safe and efficient operations, they are including but not limited to: aircraft ground activities (飛機地面活動) transfer of passengers (乘客的運送) movements of baggage, cargo and mail (行李、貨物、郵件的運送) related airfield activities (其他一切的地面作業)  


[Ref Understanding Weather & Climate, Books a la Carte Edition (6th Edition) #ISBN-13: 978-0321773227 #ISBN-10: 0321773225 CH 5 Atmospheric Moisture, CH 6 Cloud Development and Forms, Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, FAA-H-8083-25B Page 12-15] Clouds are visible indicators of water content and are often indicative of future weather.   Three (3) basic criteria for clouds to […]