Stall strips : Stalling at the wing root first

[Ref The Pilot’s Manual PM2 Ground School Page 46, FAA-H-8083-25B Page 5-25, Wiki, Boldmethod] Stall strips  is a fixed device employed on the leading edge of fixed-wing aircraft to introduce a stall prematurely Stall strips are used to initiate flow separation at chosen locations on the wing during high-angle of attack flight, they act as a warning […]

Whether long wing span is better or not?

Before we go into the conclusion, we should understand that sometimes longer wing span is not necessarily make impact,  but in particular aspect ratio, it does has certain effects. Aspect ratio ∝ Adverse yaw effect Aspect ratio ∝  weight of the wing structure However… Aspect ratio ∝ 1/ Wingtip vortices