A319 mistakenly crossed active runway

[Ref 30 July-5 August 2019 | Flight International P.12, BEA Report]

Occurrence Date/Time 25 November 2014
Aircraft Type A319 (LZ-FBB) ;

A320 (TC-FBJ)

Flight / Operator A319 (Bulgaria Air) ;

A320 (Freebird Airlines)

POB LZ-FBB: Captain; first officer; 6 cabin crew; number
of passengers not determined
TC-FBJ: Captain (PF(3)); first officer (PM(4)); number
of cabin crew and passengers not determined
Description The Bulgaria Air A319 had landed on the parallel
runway 08R and was told to hold short of 08L at point S6. The crew correctly read back this instruction.Eight (8) seconds later, the Freebird A320 was cleared for take-off from 08L.By that time, the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) was operating with reduced separations.An Air France flight which was vacating 08R for taxiway S6 and threatened to conflict with the Bulgaria Air A319.This prompted the controller to transmit an instruction to the A319 crew to “keep on taxiing”, which was read back by the Bulgaria crew but misinterpreted as a clearance to cross runway 08L.

The Air France crew sought clarification but this conversation took place in French – Bulgaria Air crew was unable to understand this exchange.

The Freebird A320 had reached the V1 decision speed before its pilots saw the Bulgaria jet, and they expected it to taxi to a halt. As the rotation speed had been reached, the captain decided to take off.


Result Although a runway incursion alarm sounded, just 1s after the A319 entered the runway, the alert was too late for controllers to intervene.
Contributory factors


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