Air-Report (AIREP)

[Ref. AIP Australia GEN 3.5 – 13  (09 NOV 2017)]

Air-Report (AIREP): A report from an aircraft in flight prepared by the pilot during the course of a flight meet the requirements for :

  1. position (Reporting Points)
  2. operational or meteorological reporting


The PIC of an aircraft is required to observe and report En-route MET conditions as prescribed in Section 6.2 and, for aircraft equipped with AMDAR, Section 11.3. For this purpose, he/she is deemed an approved observer.

The pilot in command MUST advise ATS promptly of any hazardous WX, both inside and outside controlled airspaceencountered, or observed either visually or by radar. Whenever practicable, those observations should include as much detail as possible, including location and severity. Hazardous weather includes, in particular, thunderstorms, severe turbulence, hail, icing, line squalls, and volcanic ash cloud.

In case Wind Shear Reporting, due to cockpit workload, reports may be initially reported as “WIND SHEAR ESCAPE” and a full report provided when workload allows.

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