Air Traffic Services (ATS)

[Ref PPL Instruction Kit Vol1 (306) – 9th Edition, V9.2 P.90]

The objectives of the Air Traffic Services (shown in detail in AlP GEN) are to:

  1. Prevent collisions between aircraft in the air;
  2. Prevent collisions between aircraft on the manoeuvring area and other aircraft or obstructions also on that area;
  3. Maintain an orderly and expeditious flow of traffic;
  4. Provide advice and information (i.e FIS) useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights, and,
  5. Coordinating – Notify appropriate organisations regarding aircraft in need of search and rescue aid (SAR).

These objectives are implemented by three services, as follows:

  1. Air Traffic Control (ATC) Service – covers objectives 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Flight Information Service (FIS) – covers objective 4.
  3. SAR Alerting Service– covers objective 5.


What’s Air Traffic Management (ATM)?


ATS Message Priority Indicator

The indicator appeared at the beginning of the message and consists of (2) two letters to indicate their priority:

  • SS-Distress message (e.g. A/C accident)
  • DD-Urgency message (e.g. RWY blocked)
  • FF-Flight Safety message (e.g. Flight Plan)
  • GG-Met message/AIS message (e.g. NTM)
  • KK-Aeronautical Administration message (e.g. Check list)

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