Airbus Intro – learning from Captain Joe

  • Airbus is a consortium of 4 European aerospace companies based in Germany, Spain, England and France
  • Inside the video, we should notice Joe said that different parts of the Airbus aircraft are made by these four countries separately – to talking about the composition of a commercial airliners, we could talk about:
    1. Cockpit ≠ Fuselage section
    2. Empennage
    3. Flaps
    4. Spoilers
    5. Main wing section
    6. Horizontal stabiliser and Elevator
    7. Fin and Rudder
    8. Retractable Landing gear and its stoarage door
    9. Cabin door / Cargo compartment door
    10. Engine as well as Engine pylons
  • All these aircraft component are sent to the Final Assemble Line to complete the assembly process
  • A320 first delivery in 1988 to Airfrance –  Notes: first delivery ≠ first flight (during developing and testing)
  • Feature of A320 – first application of “fly-by-wire” system and sidestick on commercial aviation
  • A320 is the “base” model and other variant (her sibling) were born later – basically they only have been lengthened or shortened
  • Two operating crews required (plus two observer seats – jump seat)
  • 6 windows – Notes : A350 is the first model in Airbus wide-bodies without sliding window
  • All lights extinguished cockpit interface – all button are lit up and the status “off/fault” could be noticed easily – from its design philosophy


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