Analysis the pros and cons of eAWB in terms of operation and environment from an airline in-charge perspective

[Ref AVIA4017 handout]

  Handling Environmental
Pros Data Quality ↑

  • standardize format and protocol
  • computer programming helps checking data during entry process as well as before enter into database

Big data appliation

  • computer programming helps analysis data – x-check procedure and information retrieving (either OPS or Finance Team could get benefit)

Risk and Cost ↓

  • reduce human error (in certain degree)
  • reduce operational cost (e.g reduce cost of Air waybill, reduce cost for delivery)
  • reduce cost of poor quality of service (e.g lost of document)

Overall productivity↑

  • do away or reduce usage of physical paper
  • Enhance ground operation time indirectly reduce fuel burn of aircraft
Cons Cost might increase

  • Hardware (e.g Computers, Sever and network equipment)
  • Software
  • Maintenance (IT Security or the infrastructure)
  • Training (introduction and refresh training)
  • Electricity for servers, terminals and air conditioning


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