ATC error put EVA B777 on collision course with mountainside

[Ref 21-27 May 2019 | Flight International P.17]

Occurrence Date/Time 16 December 2016
Aircraft Type B777-300ER
Flight / Operator EVA 015 (B-16726)
Description controller at the Southern California terminal radar approach centre incorrectly told the crew to turn left

[This] resulted in the aircraft turning toward rising terrain

In testimony, the captain pointed out that the aircraft was flying in instrument conditions without outside visual reference

Result  The 777 crew received eight “caution, terrain” alerts from aircraft’s ground-proximity warning system, before a “pull up” order lasting for 7s


Contributory factors  


Investigators state that, [ATC] was having erroneously issued the initial incorrect turn instruction, the controller demonstrated an “inadequate recovery technique” as
the incident of “near controlled flight into terrain” developed



Recommendation/ Comment The NTSB calculated that the minimum horizontal approach to terrain and obstacles was 0.3 NM at zero vertical clearance

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