Why pilots should know the freezing level?

[Ref Safety first #22 July 2016 – 1/23] Q: Why pilots should know the freezing level? A: Pilots should know the freezing level because they could have more expectation about the threat of icing. Indeed, it might relate to the usage of  WX radar. In order to get accurate weather detection, the weather radar antenna […]

Marshalling Hand Signals (For Aircraft)

[Ref  Airport Handling Manual (AHM)​ — IGOM (IATA Ground Operations Manual) Chapter 4.8] Emergency Engine Shut Down Extend arm with wand forward of body at shoulder level, move hand and wand to top of left shoulder and draw wand to top of right shoulder in a “slicing motion across throat”.     Stop/Emergency Stop Fully […]

Analysis the pros and cons of eAWB in terms of operation and environment from an airline in-charge perspective

[Ref AVIA4017 handout]   Handling Environmental Pros Data Quality ↑ standardize format and protocol computer programming helps checking data during entry process as well as before enter into database Big data appliation computer programming helps analysis data – x-check procedure and information retrieving (either OPS or Finance Team could get benefit) Risk and Cost ↓ reduce human […]