Automatic Broadcast Services

[Ref PPL Instruction Kit Vol2 (306) – 9th Edition, V9.2 P.688, AIP Australia GEN 3.3 – 5 (09 NOV 2017)]

Automatic Broadcast Services

The automatic broadcast services consist of:

  • a. Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)
  • b. Automatic En Route Information Service (AERIS)
  • c. Aerodrome Weather Information Service (AWIS)
  • d. Meteorological Information for Aircraft in Flight (VOLMET)

  • ATIS – Automatic Terminal Information Service
    is used to provide the current, routine operational information required by aircraft prior to takeoff or landing. ATIS is broadcast automatically and continuously.


  • AERIS – Automatic En Route Information Service
    is used to continuously broadcasts METAR/SPECI and TTF (where available) from a network of VHF transmitters installed around Australia. The information broadcast on the individual transmitters are usually for the needs of aircraft operating in the specific control areas within VHF range of the facility.


  • AWIS – Aerodrome Weather Information Service /
    WATIR – Weather and Terminal Information Reciter
    AWIS and WATIR provide actual weather conditions, via telephone AND broadcast.
    AWIS provides information from Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) AWS equipment;
    WATIR provides the AWS information with additional terminal information from the airport operator that have met BoM standards for acceptance into its network.


    contain selected meteorological information on discrete frequencies



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