“Basic T” – the Six-pack instrument

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Six-pack” refers to the 6 basic instruments in light plane. To describe them, pilot in aviation usually use an imaginary “T”, also known as “basic-T to explain the relative position of them.

Generally speaking, [2] Attitude Indicator (AI) is on the top and in the middle of the “T”. On its left is the [1] Airspeed Indicator (ASI) and on its right is the [3] Altimeter (ALT). In the bottom left corner, that is below the Airspeed Indicator is the [4] Turn Indicator (TI); In the bottom right corner, that is below the Altimeter is the [6] Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI); Lastly, below the Attitude Indicator is the [5] Heading Indicator (HI) [aka directional indicator (DI)]


Chapter 1.5 – Cockpit Controls and Instruments

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