Undesired aircraft state

[Ref SKYbrary, Airbus FAST magazine, FAA AC 120-90] What’s an undesired aircraft state? According to FAA doc: Undesired aircraft state – a position, speed, attitude, or configuration of an aircraft that: results from flight crew error, actions, or inaction; and clearly reduces safety margins Undesired aircraft state can be managed effectively, returning the aircraft to safe […]

Situational Awareness (SA)

[FAA HFH CH14 Effective Aeronautical Decision-Making, ISBN978-1-56027-901-3] Situational awareness refers to one’s ability to accurately perceive what is going on in the cockpit and outside the aircraft…This awareness should promote on-going questioning, cross-checking and refinement of one’s perception. Constant and conscious monitoring of the situation is required Situational awareness is the accurate perception and understanding […]

SMS – Safety Management Sys

[Ref CASA GOV AU] Safety Management System (SMS) Safety – refer to link Management – allocation of resources System – organised set of processes and procedures   4 components ; 15 elements  Safety policy, objectives and planning Management commitment and responsibility Safety Accountability of manager Appointment of key safety personnel + safety committee and action […]