Undesired aircraft state

[Ref SKYbrary, Airbus FAST magazine, FAA AC 120-90] What’s an undesired aircraft state? According to FAA doc: Undesired aircraft state – a position, speed, attitude, or configuration of an aircraft that: results from flight crew error, actions, or inaction; and clearly reduces safety margins Undesired aircraft state can be managed effectively, returning the aircraft to safe […]

Situational Awareness (SA)

[FAA HFH CH14 Effective Aeronautical Decision-Making, ISBN978-1-56027-901-3] (Last Update 2020 May 2 0720Z) Situational awareness refers to one’s ability to accurately perceive what is going on in the cockpit and outside the aircraft…This awareness should promote on-going questioning, cross-checking and refinement of one’s perception. Constant and conscious monitoring of the situation is required Situational awareness […]

Risk management processes

[Ref FAA-H-8083-2, ISBN978-1-56027-901-3] (Last Update 2020 May 2  0715Z) Risk Identification by analysis Risk assessment Risk mitigation and management Review performance and revised Risk management is that part of the ADM process which relies on situational awareness, problem recognition, and good judgment to reduce risks associated with each flight. Management of external pressures is the […]

SMS – Safety Management Sys

[Ref CASA GOV AU] Safety Management System (SMS) Safety – refer to link Management – allocation of resources System – organised set of processes and procedures   4 components ; 15 elements  Safety policy, objectives and planning Management commitment and responsibility Safety Accountability of manager Appointment of key safety personnel + safety committee and action […]