What’s ‘Swiss Cheese model’ ?

[Ref MULTIMODAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN FACTORS, Wiki] Swiss cheese model (a.k.a Cumulative act effect model) is broadly used to study the accident/incident causation – considers the interaction between latent conditions and errors and their contribution to organizational accidents. Systems comprise various organizational levels that contribute to the production of system outputs (e.g decision makers, line management, […]

Fire Protection System

[Ref Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook–Airframe, Volume 2 (FAA-H-8083-31A) Chapter 17, AERO QTR_02.11, FAA AC No: 25.857-1, ICAO] Fire Zone – is an area of an aircraft designed by manufacture to require fire protection and/or fire extinguishing equipment. 5 types of Fire Zone of Powerplant compartments: Class A – heavy airflow that past regular arrangements of similarly shaped […]