Why aerodromes need to be certified?

[Ref AVIA4022 handout] Reason 1 : Requirements in ICAO Annex 14 States shall certify aerodromes to ensure safety, regularity and efficiency for international operations. Reason 2 : Requirements in Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 The Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 requires aircraft flying for the purpose of public transport of passengers to take off or land at […]

STAR Briefing (Human Factor)

[Ref AVIA4004 Lecture Notes] S: Situation T: Time A: Actions R: Repeat/Review When in-flight emergency/contingencies occur, the STAR briefing is usually done by the cabin manager to allow the cabin team aware of the developing situation, how much time is available, what actions should they take, and readback will be required. The briefing should be conducted […]

NISR Briefing (Human Factor)

[Ref AVIA4004 Lecture Notes] N: Nature of the problem I: Intensions S: Special instructions R: Repeat/Review When in-flight emergency/contingencies exist, cockpit crews tend to use NISR briefing to communicate the issues to the cabin manager/in-flight service manager (ISM). When the NISR briefing is completed, the ISM will get other cabin crew together and perform a STAR […]

Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)

[Ref AVIA 4019, EUROCONTROL] Communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) technologies are at the heart of aviation. All of them rely on sufficient frequencies (spectrum) being available. Without CNS and spectrum, air transport could not function.   Communication While air traffic controllers and pilots need to communicate (air-ground) to ensure the safety of flight, there are […]

Why civil aviation is an attractive target of terrorist? What can be the targets? How to tackle aviation security issues?

[Ref AVIA4020] Why civil aviation is an attractive target of terrorist? There are 3 main reasons – High profile Its commercial value Incident may force a government reaction Using civil aviation as an attack target must draw attention from passengers, airline and media as well as the government. Indeed, more and more traveler to different […]

Risk = threat + vulnerability (Security)

[Ref AVIA4020 Handout Lesson 2, Aviation Security Management] Risk has two significance – 1) likelihood (estimated probability or frequency) and 2) predicted severity (consequence); In aviation security topic, we say risk is the result of two elements – 1) threat and 2) vulnerability Risk = threat + vulnerability Threat is an exploitable vulnerability; Vulnerability is a weakness in the […]

Cape crusader

[Ref 2-8 April 2019 | Flight International] How to hire pilot? Today, pilots are looking more at quality of life and a known career pathway US piston commuter airline Cape Air encourage some of their most promising young captains to move to another carrier once they have 3,000 flying hours under their belts might seem counter-intuitive, […]

Virtual Airline

[Ref AVIA4003 Handout] The virtual airline strategy appears much more effective for new start-up airlines that are not encumbered with existing facilities and staff – prevent from carry heavy or important duties and responsibilities by the staff. Virtual airline focuses on its core competencies – e.g operating a network of air services, but it out-sources most of its operations and non-core […]