The turbine pilot’s flight manual Review (ISBN:9781619540293)

[Ref The turbine pilot’s flight manual Review (ISBN:9781619540293)] Chapter 7 Pilots should know well about their plane, including different limitations, which are set to ensure the plane work under safe and efficient conditions. However, this chapter also aims to point out those special or dedicate to turbine aircraft Airspeed there is no redline on speed […]

Knowledge in Risk Assessment and Management (ISBN: 9781119317883)

[Ref Knowledge in Risk Assessment and Management (ISBN: 9781119317883)] ISO31000 standard on risk management (ISO2009) built the definition of risk on uncertainty and not probability. In the standard, risk is defined as the effect of uncertainty on objectives. Uncertainties are related to knowledge, but it is not only talking about the knowledge itself, but also […]

Crew Resource Management Review (ISBN: 978-0-12-374946-8)

[Ref Crew Resource Management (ISBN: 978-0-12-374946-8)] PART 1 The Nature of CRM Chapter 1 Why CRM? Empirical and Theoretical Bases of Human Factors Training Crew Resource Management (CRM) is one of the most striking developments in aviation safety over the past 10 years or so. It also has evolved from “cockpit” to “crew”. Rightly, it […]


[Ref Flight International | 12-18 November 2019] Airbus will have its Chinese facility in Tianjin for A350 completion activities from the second half of next year (2020). The airframer will ship its first A350 from the completion and delivery centre by 2021. The airframer has already had the completion and delivery centre for A330, as well […]

Vu has vision for safer operations

[Ref 5-11 Nov 2019 Flight International Magazine] Vu Systems says its patented Vu Cube technology – launched at the recent NBAA event in Las Vegas – is the world’s first passive millimetre wave (PMMW) sensor for aviation. This new technology capable of “seeing through clouds” – which suppose to revolutionise operations in low-visibility minima. “Our […]

“ill-fated” 737 Max crew left ‘unaware’ of prior flight’s problems

[Ref 5-11 Nov 2019 Flight International Magazine] Pilots of the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max which crashed shortly after departing Jakarta in 2019 had been unaware of the control problems experienced by the crew of the same aircraft on the inbound service (from Denpasar) Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) investigation authority says this awareness […]