Balanced Field Length (BFL) ≈ Aeroplane Reference Field Length (RFL)

[Ref AC 120-62 (FAA), ISBN: 978-0-470-74077-4, CASA (Australia)] What’s Balanced Field Length (BFL)? Balanced field length is a field length where the distance to accelerate and stop is equal to the take-off distance of an aeroplane experiencing an engine failure at the critical engine failure recognition speed (V1). (definition of CASA, in Australia)  Balanced Field Length refers […]

MDA / MDH (Minimum Descent Altitude / Height)

[Ref Jeppesen] What’s MDA/MDH – Minimum Descent Altitude/Minimum Descent Height? A specified altitude or height in a non-precision approach or circling approach below which descent must not be made without the required visual reference. Minimum descent altitude (MDA) is referenced to mean sea level (MSL) ; Minimum descent height (MDH) is referenced to the aerodrome elevation […]