Emissions scheme timetable in doubt

[Ref Flight International Magazine 31 Mar – 6 Apr 2020] Announced on 6 October 2016, ICAO’s CORSIA initiative created a target for the airline ­industry to achieve carbon-­neutral growth in international flights from 2020 onwards. It is due to be implemented in three phases, beginning with the pilot phase (2021-2023), then the first phase (2024-2026). […]

IATA issues airline ‘apocalypse’ warning

[Ref Flight International Magazine 31 Mar – 6 Apr 2020] Association says entire global industry could be ‘shuttered’ by a liquidity crisis unless governments take urgent action. It points out that markets with severe restrictions on air travel currently cover 98% of global passenger revenues. Therefore, in a situation where “the typical airline had two […]

About the flight training in Adelaide?

[Ref FTA, CAD 509(A)] The CAD 509(A) clearly describe the requirement for approval of flying training organisations (FTOs) offering an integrated course of training for HK Commercial Pilot’s Licence with instrument rating (Aeroplane) – CPL/IR(A).   Flying Training Organisations (FTOs) FTO is considered normally to be a single organisation located within or outside of Hong […]

Coronavirus has become a pandemic disease!

[Ref Flight International Magazine 24-30 Mar 2020] “This is not a short-term issue – air connectivity will not be back to normal for many months. And for some airlines, things will never be the same again.” – IATA’s regional vice-president for Europe, Rafael Schwartzman. From the moment the World Health Organization (WHO) director-general, Tedros Adhanom […]

Aircraft Identification from exterior

[Ref Internet, airlinerspotter.com] This is an article to help myself and share how can we distinguish different type of aircraft. Actually, we can identify by the features in different part. Firstly, we should know that there are two major aircraft manufacturers dominating the civil aviation industry, at least, you should have heard 1) Airbus and […]