A220 crew made laboured departure

[Ref Flight International Magazine 24-30 Mar 2020] Occurrence Date/Time 15 July 2018 Aircraft Type A220 (=Bombardier CS300) Flight / Operator N/A POB  46 occupants Description The pilots had been distracted by an unexpected discontinuity in the flight plan after entering the standard departure route into the flight-management system (FMS) Then, the captain asked the first […]

Impeded descent preceded 747’s false glideslope crash

[Ref Flight International Magazine 17-23 Mar 2020] Occurrence Date/Time 16 January 2017 (at night) Aircraft Type 747-400 freighter Flight / Operator Turkish Airlines  TK6491 POB  4 crew Description The aircraft had been maintaining 18,000ft and was cleared to descend to 6,000 ft within 27nm (50km) distance. However, the airline’s standard descent procedure would only have […]

Portuguese airports warned over ‘confusing’ terminology

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan-3Feb 2020] Two identical serious take-off incidents within two weeks involving EasyJet Airbus A320s at Lisbon. Both incidents involved the aircraft accelerating with ­insufficient thrust and becoming airborne close to the far end of the runway. While calculating take-off performance criteria with the electronic flightbag, the pilots both based the calculation […]

Bek Air probe reveals safety problems

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan – 3Feb 2020] A Bek Air’s Fokker 100s crashed on take-off from Almaty on 27 December, resulting in the enforced suspension of the airline’s operation. Kazakhstan’s civil aviation committee has uncovered a damning list of flaws (“a number of violations”) in Bek Air’s flight operations and maintenance processes, to justify the […]

Turkish 737 veered off runway before gear collapse

[Ref 3-9 Dec Flight International Magazine] On 21 November 2019, Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-JGZ) had been operating flight TK467 from Istanbul. It suffered a gear collapse at Odessa had initially veered off the runway while landing. The aircraft executed a go-around during its first landing approach. Later, the aircraft touched down on runway 16 but, during […]

Crashed 737 pushed into dive during go-around

[Ref flightglobal.com, aviation-safety.net] On 17 November 2013, the crew of the Tatarstan Boeing 737-500 engaged go-around thrust after assessing the aircraft’s position relative to the runway. The autopilot was disconnected and the aircraft flown manually. As the engines increased power the crew retracted the 737’s flaps from the 30° position to 15°. But the thrust […]

Flydubai 737 crash captain mentally unprepared for go-around

[Ref 3-9 Dec Flight International Magazine, aviation-safety.net] Occurrence Date/Time 19 March 2016 Aircraft Type Boeing 737-800 (A6-FDN) Flight / Operator Flydubai POB  62 (7 Crew + 55 PAX) Description Over 1h 40min passed before its crew requested descent for a second landing attempt. This attempt was also aborted, nearly 2h after the first. With the […]