Pilots made identical selection mistake

[Ref Flight International Magazine 21-27 Apr 2020] Occurrence Date/Time 29 August 2019 Aircraft Type A319-111 (G-EZBI) Flight / Operator EasyJet POB N/A Description Both pilots of an EasyJet Airbus A319 mistakenly selected the wrong intersection during take-off performance calculations at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, France. Cross-check of runway length was ‘invalidated’ by crew making same […]

A220 crew made laboured departure

[Ref Flight International Magazine 24-30 Mar 2020] Occurrence Date/Time 15 July 2018 Aircraft Type A220 (=Bombardier CS300) Flight / Operator N/A POB  46 occupants Description The pilots had been distracted by an unexpected discontinuity in the flight plan after entering the standard departure route into the flight-management system (FMS) Then, the captain asked the first […]

Portuguese airports warned over ‘confusing’ terminology

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28Jan-3Feb 2020] Two identical serious take-off incidents within two weeks involving EasyJet Airbus A320s at Lisbon. Both incidents involved the aircraft accelerating with ­insufficient thrust and becoming airborne close to the far end of the runway. While calculating take-off performance criteria with the electronic flightbag, the pilots both based the calculation […]

Turkish 737 veered off runway before gear collapse

[Ref 3-9 Dec Flight International Magazine] On 21 November 2019, Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-JGZ) had been operating flight TK467 from Istanbul. It suffered a gear collapse at Odessa had initially veered off the runway while landing. The aircraft executed a go-around during its first landing approach. Later, the aircraft touched down on runway 16 but, during […]

Gear-up 727 captain ignored warnings

[Ref Flight International | 19-25 November 2019 P.12] Occurrence Date/Time 28 January 2019 Aircraft Type Boeing 727-200 freighter (N720CK) Flight / Operator Kalitta Charters II POB  4 Crews Description Notes: On the day before 28 January 2019 (the accident) a different crew, also arriving at Tuscaloosa, had similarly experienced an indication that the nosegear had […]

A319 mistakenly crossed active runway

[Ref 30 July-5 August 2019 | Flight International P.12, BEA Report] Occurrence Date/Time 25 November 2014 Aircraft Type A319 (LZ-FBB) ; A320 (TC-FBJ) Flight / Operator A319 (Bulgaria Air) ; A320 (Freebird Airlines) POB LZ-FBB: Captain; first officer; 6 cabin crew; number of passengers not determined TC-FBJ: Captain (PF(3)); first officer (PM(4)); number of cabin […]

Citation climbed into conflict with 737

[Ref 18-24 June 2019 | Flight International P.12] Occurrence Date/Time 20 April 2017 Aircraft Type Cessna Citation (EC-LCX) ; 737-800 (EC-JBK) Flight / Operator Caladero Aviation ; Air Europa POB  – Description The Cessna was cleared to climb to 11,000ft but its captain incorrectly read back the clearance as 12,000ft. At the point where the […]