Dual engine failure on RJ85 traced to disc-change error

[Ref Flight International 23-29 April 2019, avherald.com] Occurrence Date/Time 8 November 2017 Aircraft Type RJ85 Flight / Operator Airlink (ZS-ASW) POB 38 occupants Description The aircraft had been 38min into its flight and some 240nm north-east of Johannesburg, in the vicinity of the airspace boundary between Zimbabwe and South Africa A loud bang was heard on the […]

Wind damaged parked MD-83 prior to overrun

[Ref Flight International 19March 2019] Occurrence Date/Time 8 March 2017 Aircraft Type Boeing MD-83 Flight / Operator Ameristar aircraft (N786TW) POB 110 PAX + 6 CREWS Description calculated the V1 decision speed and rotation speed aircraft, which reached a maximum airspeed of 173kt, did not rotate captain aborted the take-off roll   Result travelled 1,780m (5,850ft) […]

A320 severe touchdown went unnoted

[Ref A320 severe touchdown went unnoted P.14] Occurrence Date/Time 1 December 2017 Aircraft Type A320 Flight / Operator Orange2fly, aircraft (SX-ORG) POB Description The crew had agreed to conduct a “positive” landing  in order to reduce the risk of hydroplaning on the wet runway   The pilots did not suspect any problem initially. Therefore, no records […]

Wing ice prompted Jazz CRJ200 stall on landing

[Ref 26 February-4 March 2019 | Flight International | 15] CRJ200 suffered a sudden wing drop, just as the aircraft flared for landing It descended through an area of cloud during the approach, travelling at 230kt (426km/h) Interestingly, crew does not need to engage wing anti-ice systems above 230kt, according to the CRJ200 aircraft flight manual on-board […]

C-check fault behind Qeshm Air gear-up landing

[Ref 10 | Flight International | 8-14 January 2019] poor maintenance procedures, allowing contamination of hydraulic lines, led to a gear-up landing They executed a missed approach and entered a holding pattern while attempting to resolve the problem Several attempts to recycle the undercarriage were not successful A low pass over the airport allowed ground personnel […]

Storms led 737 overrun pilot to decide against go-around

[Ref 21 August-3 September 2018 | Flight International P.17] lost situational awareness – failed to realise how much runway had passed “Wrong” Decision – runway the captain decided that, owing to the presence of storms on the missed approach pattern, he would not execute a goaround. (My Question: Could he request advice from ATC?) “poor assertiveness” […]