Change-Over Point (COP)

[Ref Jeppesen, PPRuNe,]

What’s Changeover point (COP)?

The point at which an aircraft navigating on an ATS route segment defined by reference to very high frequency omnidirectional radio ranges is expected to transfer its primary navigational reference from the facility behind the aircraft to the next facility ahead of the aircraft –to provide the optimum balance in respect of signal strength and quality between facilities at all levels to be used and to ensure a common source of azimuth guidance for all aircraft operating along the same portion of a route segment.

The number (e.g 74 and 82) indicate DME (or NM, depending on what’s written on the chart) from the station behind you – in the example on the right, 74 means that you have been 74 DME/NM from the of the facility behind (it’s make sense since it is greater than 20+49, that’s greater than 69 from the facility “behind”); and the segment distance between the NAVAIDs at the bottom and the fix (“JAM..”) is 87 NM, when you reach the changeover point, you have been travelling 82 DME/NM.


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