English Language Proficiency Assessment Programme (ELPAP)

[Ref HKCAD 54, ICAO 1,ICAO 2 , TEA]

No matter you are applying for a cadet program from airlines or you are going to get your ATPL by yourself. English Language Proficiency Assessment Programme (ELPAP) is inevitable in your selection or training process.


First, there are 6 levels of result in ICAO framework  – from level 1 to level 6. According to the ICAO webpage:

The demonstration of the ability to speak and understand the language used for radiotelephony communications shall be done in accordance with the holistic descriptor and the rating scale contained in the Appendix and the Attachment to Annex 1. Those demonstrating language proficiency below the Expert Level (Level 6) will be formally re-evaluated at intervals in accordance with their individual proficiency level. ICAO recommends that the interval be 6 years for those at the Extended Level (Level 5) and 3 years for those at the Operational Level (Level 4).

This means that you suppose to have life-long immune if you get level 6.


Second, it has threshold if you want to get the ATPL, which is a Hong Kong professional pilot’s licence, according to CAD 54:

For the issue of a Hong Kong professional pilot’s licence, the applicant should be assessed for his language proficiency under the English Language Proficiency Assessment Programme (ELPAP) accepted by the CAD, and have at least ICAO Operational Level (Level 4). No exemption for English Language Proficiency Assessment will be granted.


Third, you may ask if the sample of level 4? Okay, click the links:




Fourth, I know that TEA is one of the available organization that offers the testing service.

If you are going to take the TEA test, please must listen/watch the samples from the TEA official webpages – 99% similarity!


Last but not least, in Hong Kong, HKYAA has a testing center which is certificated by TEA official.

Good Luck for your professional pilot license!


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