Fokker 100 issues trigger Iran warning

[Ref 2-8 April 2019 | Flight International Page 10]

This week, there are two similar incident reported.

Case 1

Occurrence Date/Time 19 March 2019
Aircraft Type Fokker 100
Flight / Operator IR215 (EP-IDG)
POB 24 PAX + 9 Crews
Description the crew discovered that the landing gear would not deploy

aircraft (EP-IDG) entered a holding pattern to burn fuel
while the crew attempted to free the undercarriage, but only managed to deploy the nose-gear.

forced to carry out a landing on Mehrabad’s runway 29L with its main landing-gear retracted

Result  Stopping safely at 21:35

All occupants were evacuated

None of the passengers and crews got injuries

Contributory factors the System 1 hydraulic circuit on the aircraft
had failed






Case 2

Occurrence Date/Time 22 March 2019
Aircraft Type Fokker 100
Flight / Operator EP840 (EP-ATG)
POB 81 PAX + 8 Crews
Description aircraft conducted its approach to Ilam, the right-hand main landing-gear failed to extend

Attempts to recycle the landing-gear were unsuccessful

The crew initially considered flying to Kermanshah
but subsequently proceeded back to Tehran

At a holding point in the vicinity of Kahrizak, south of Mehrabad, the pilots “finally” managed to deploy the landing-gear

Result  the aircraft landed on Mehrabad’s runway 29L normally
Contributory factors Inspection of the hydraulic system revealed that :

contamination in the vicinity of (near) filter screens and the restrictor check valve in the right-hand main gear had prevented the release of hydraulic pressure, and stopped its deployment






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