FREDA in-flight check

[Ref Air Pilot’s Manual 1 – Flying P.240]

FREDA in-flight check

F – Fuel

  1. Fuel on and sufficient
  2. Fuel tank usage monitoried
  3. Mixture rich or leaned as required
  4. Fuel pump on and Fuel pressure

R – Radio

  1. Radio frequency correctly selected
  2. Radio volume satisfactory
  3. Radio squelch satisfactory
  4. Any necessary radio calls

E – Engine

  1. Oil Temperature
  2. Oil Pressure
  3. Mixture set correctly
  4. Carburettor heat (need?/No need?)
  5. Check of other system (suction gauge)
  6. Electrical system (ammeter/loadmeter, battery…)
  7. Air-driven gyroscopes

D – Direction

  1. DI aligned with Magnetic compass at straight and level flight

A – Altitude

  1. Subscale seting


Note: The about check should be carried out in every 15 mins or so.

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