HAECO rolls out passenger cabin freight-stowage solutions during COVID-19

[Ref Flight International Magazine 28 Apr – 4 May 2020]

HAECO’s cabin solutions unit has launched a range of new stowage solutions which will allow airlines to combine carrying passengers and cargo in the main cabin.

From concepts to offerable products in under a month, were created in response to airlines looking for new ways of boosting freight capacity.

The four different solutions, each with varying maximum load limits from 110kg (240lb) to 454kg. They range from a palletised model, to a “seat and floor” storage system, which allows airlines to mount packages on aircraft seats, or on the floor space in front of them.

However, hazardous materials are still required to be stored in the aircraft’s belly.

It also “[allows] airlines to carry cargo and passengers at the same time, optimising passenger and cargo yield, using packages to distance passengers, and maintaining proper weight and balance requirements”, HAECO adds.

The solutions will be approved via supplemental type certification, and can be delivered in four to six weeks, the company says.

They can be installed on both narrow- and widebody aircraft, with the process following techniques used for fitting economy-class seating.

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