HKSAR’s external problems and constraints in Airspace Management

[Ref AVIA4022 handout]

There are 4 major external problems and constraints in HKSAR’s airspace management

  1. HKFIR is within the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of which airspace is relatively small – this increases the airspace complexity. For example, flow control from Mainland ATC is not unusual  – it can be a result of weather, traffic loads, and military activities etc.
  2. VHHH is proximate to VMMC – the HK ATC need also providing ATS for en-route traffic – this increases the ATC workloads, we also need to share the slots with Macau under limited ATS routes.
  3. HKFIR adopts different cruising level system from the Mainland China (e.g HKFIR uses feet as altitude unit and the Mainland China uses meter)
  4. HKFIR has different separation standards from Mainland China – this makes impact on area navigation procedures


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