How to enter, maintain and exit Climb Maneuver?

[Ref FTA material 2016]

To enter a climb


before entering a climb, ask yourself – have you trim your aircraft in straight-and-level?

– do it first!

One more thing – what’s the maximum climbing altitude? AAI set?

Look out – clear left, center below and above and right

(do this by temporarily banking wing to left and right then back to level in a smooth way to gain more vision)

Then, use the mnemonic – P-A-T

Power – set the correct power – if not FADEC or fix-pitch propeller – my own experience in a variable pitch propeller, increase power should increase r.p.m by propeller control first – i.e increase power : propeller control to highest rpm →(before)  throttle control to full throttle. One more thing is that my own experience in propeller type aircraft, full throttle, right rudder.

Attitude – set the climb attitude

Trim – select-hold-trim


To maintaining the climb


Performance – altimeter/VSI, (DI, TC,) ASI, (AAI)

Notes: Assigned Altitude Indicator

Lower the nose to cruise attitude approximately every 500 ft

Then monitor Engine Temp and Pressure


To exit the climb – to level off from the climb

use the mnemonic – A-P-T

Attitude – select cruise attitude, awaiting the speed to increase to desired speed, at this moment, coarse trim to trim off the pressure first

Power – set cruise power, remember power reduce, may need left rudder

Trim – Select – Hold – (fine) Trim


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