Load Control Terms

[Ref AVIA4021]

Below is one of the part captured from an airline’s “Loadsheet & Load Message”. To start with, let’s learn some basic load control terms.

DOW [Dry Operating Weight] = BW [Basic Weight (Aircraft)] + Crew (and their bags) + Pantry

OW [Operating Weight] = DOW + TOF (Take-off fuel weight)

Block fuel (weight)= TOF + Taxi

Payload ($$$) = PAX + Bag in hold + Cargo + Mail

ZFW = DOW + Payload


LDW = ZFW + TOF – TIF (Trip fuel)


Next, we should know that there are 3 limiting factors:

  1. MZFW
  2. MTOW
  3. MLDW

Remember: to find the allowed traffic load – must to convert into MTOW and minus OW

Case a (MZFW as limiting factor): MZFW + Block – Taxi – OW

Case b (MTOW as limiting factor): MTOW-OW

Case c (MLDW as limiting factor): MLDW+Trip-OW


Below is another diagram FYI


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