COVID-19 causes pressure on different airlines

[Ref Flight International Magazine 12 – 18 May 2020] The situation could hardly be worse for Airbus, Boeing and first-tier suppliers. But for companies further down the supply chain it is as they face a fight for survival as demand dries up. As Covid-19 lockdowns and other restrictions begin to ease, and governments around the […]

Coronavirus has become a pandemic disease!

[Ref Flight International Magazine 24-30 Mar 2020] (Last Update: 2020 May 15 0230Z) “This is not a short-term issue – air connectivity will not be back to normal for many months. And for some airlines, things will never be the same again.” – IATA’s regional vice-president for Europe, Rafael Schwartzman. From the moment the World […]

What’s “impulse coupling”?

[Ref Aircraft Systems for Pilots (ISBN: 978-1-61954-628-8)] Impulse coupling is a small device riding over the magneto shaft. It consists of a cam plate with flyweight assembly (flywheels), spring, and a body assembly. Function and basic working principle As we have learnt from the starting system, the starter motor is used to turn the flywheel. Actually, […]

Human Factors in Aviation – 2nd Edition/2010 Review (ISBN 978-0-12-374518-7)

[Ref Human Factors in Aviation – 2nd Edition/2010 (ISBN 978-0-12-374518-7)] Chapter 6 The Human in Flight: From Kinesthetic Sense to Cognitive Senibility What’s “Kinesthetic” and “Cognitive”? Kinesthetic: relating to a person’s awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs (proprioceptors) in the muscles and joints. Cognitive: […]