Pilots made identical selection mistake

[Ref Flight International Magazine 21-27 Apr 2020]

Occurrence Date/Time 29 August 2019
Aircraft Type A319-111 (G-EZBI)
Flight / Operator EasyJet
Description Both pilots of an EasyJet Airbus A319 mistakenly selected the wrong intersection during take-off performance calculations at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, France.

Cross-check of runway length was ‘invalidated’ by crew making same error.

At lift-off the [captain] noted that the departure end of the runway was closer than he would have expected but did not perceive any other performance issues,” says by an inquiry.

It states reduced thrust had been used for the take-off roll and that, as the situation emerged, the captain did not feel there was a need to increase power.

Result Less runway distance being available than the crew had expected
Contributory factors
  • Human Factor (Human-Equipment interface)
    • UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) found that the crew had inadvertently selected intersection Q3, virtually the whole runway length, for the calculation. Rightly, data entry on the electronic flightbag application was “clumsy and often requires re-­entering”, according to pilot ­testimony to the inquiry. For Nice, it says, the B3 and Q3 intersections are easy to mis-select as they are adjacent.
  • Failure in Cross-Check
  • EasyJet has been working on updating performance software, the inquiry says, to put greater emphasis on graphic rather than text representation of runway data.
  • Airbus had also been developing enhanced take-off monitoring for A320s and A330s, using a ­version of take-off surveillance introduced on the A350 the ­previous year.



  • The take-off surveillance and monitoring function on A350, known as TOS2 and TOM, checks to confirm the aircraft is travelling on the intended runway and that the performance calculations are compatible with available distance.


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