Piston engine vis-a-vis Gas turbine engine

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Piston engine Gas turbine engine
Processes Induction, compression, combustion and exhaust
  • Continuously


  • Benefit: eliminates the three ‘idle’ strokes, thus enabling more fuel to be burnt in a shorter time
Combustion chamber Enclosed Not an enclosed space
Constant volume Constant pressure
Adiabatic process Otto cycle – adiabatic process occur at power stroke Brayton cycle – adiabatic process occur within combustion chamber
P-V-T Relationship
  • Compression – pressure increase, and volume of the air decrease with corresponding rise in the temperature;


  • Expansion – temperature and pressure decrease with corresponding rise in volume of air
Fuel High octane fuels (Gasoline) Relative low octane fuels (Jet A1 / Jet A)



Performance Comparison – reciprocating powerplant v.s turbine engines

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