pressure-type carburetors ≠ fuel injection system

[Ref. Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, FAA-H-8083-25B Page 7-8]

This article aims to point out that pressure-type carburetors is different from fuel injection system.

pressure-type carburetors ≠ fuel injection system

There are two common types of carburetor System – 1) Float type and 2) Pressure type

Pressure-type carburetors discharges fuel into the airstream at a pressure well above atmospheric pressure. However, it is still using carburetor, of which downstream is intake manifold

Pressure-type carburetor has better vaporization and reduce possibility of carburetor icing. Indeed, pressure-type carburettor permits fuel vaporization taking place after the air has passed through the throttle valve. After the air has passed through the throttle valve and at a point where the drop in temperature is offset by heat from the engine. Thus, the danger of fuel vaporization icing is practically eliminated.

Fuel injection systems use a fuel control unit (FCU) replacing the carburetor;

Also, the downstream of FCU is fuel manifold (fuel distributor)

Fuel manifold (fuel distributor) with the individual fuel discharge nozzles. The discharge nozzles, which are located in each cylinder head, inject the fuel-air mixture directly into each cylinder intake port.

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