Slip v.s Skid

[Ref The Pilot’s Manual PM2 Ground School Page 167]

Slip is tail to inside of turn

Skid is tail outside of turn

The cause of slip is centripetal force greater than (>)  centrifugal force ;

The cause of skid is centripetal force less than (<) centrifugal force ;

When centripetal force equal to (=) centrifugal force, the plane is coordinated and ball at middle


  1. mnemonic skill – please help yourself to remember always remember right turn as a example – “ball is tail” – “tail-in is ball-in  and ball-out is tail-out” ; “ball-in is sliP and ball-out is skid”
  2. P > U is sliP – centripetal force greater than (>)  centrifugal force



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