Somatogravic illusion

[Ref Flight International Magazine 3-9 Dec 2019, Flight International Magazine 7-13 Apr 2020]

What’s Somatogravic illusion?

Somatogravic illusion usually occurs at night or in cloud (in the absence of visual references), our body induce incorrect perception that can lead pilots instinctively to make inappropriate inputs which cause incident/accident.

Rightly, Loss of control in flight (LOC-I) linked to somatogravic illusion has frequently occurred.

A common example of somatogravic illusion – which is induced by acceleration – is the feeling that airline passengers get when their aircraft begins to accelerate along the runway for take-off; they perceive the cabin to be tilted nose upward, but a glance out of the side window shows the aircraft is level, the nose wheel still on the ground.

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