Spin : BOTH wings stalled

[Ref. The Pilot’s Manual PM2 Ground School Page 86 – 89]

Spin – stalled plane enters the autorotation following a spiral axis

Phases of spin:

  1. Stall
  2. Incipient stage of spin
  3. Fully developed spin
  4. Recovery spin


To spin –

  1. BOTH wings stalled
  2. the dropping wing is more deeply stalled than the other
  3. greater drag on dropping wing
  4. result further yaw and further roll
  5. autoroation develops


Symptoms of Spin:

  1. nose (attitude) is upward pitching
  2. high rate of descent – altitude loss rapidly
  3. Airspeed low and fluctating – due wings stalled


Spin Recovery

  1. Power off
  2. full opposite rudder – to oppose the yaw

Extended Reading –


  1. auto roll
    • more deeply stalled wing generates less lift which tends to be dropping
    • while the upper wing travels faster and thus generates more lift.
  2. auto yaw
    • more deeply stalled wing generates more drag – tends to yaw the nose in same direction as the roll

The above combination (auto roll + auto yaw) makes the rolling-yawing even self-sustaining, or automatic.
This natural tendency is named as autorotation – which is the basis of the spin.


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