[Ref FAA-H-8083-25B Page 5-49, 6-10, Skybrary]

What’s Spoiler?

Spoilers, is a kind of secondary or auxiliary flight controls as well as high drag devices often found in high speed aircraft, are used on the upper surface of the wing to spoil or reduce lift.



When spoilers are used as speedbrakes, they are selected by the pilot. Dependant upon the aircraft type, the speed brake(s) may consist of a single panel or symetrically mounted pairs of panels. Speedbrakes may be used during the final approach to touchdown as well as after landing.


Roll Spoiler? Control lateral movement?

High speed aircraft (Jet transport) usually use spoilers as speed brakes to slow them down due to their clean low drag design. Also, these aircraft have small ailerons. The space for ailerons is limited because as much of the wing trailing edge as possible is needed for flaps. Moreover, a conventional size aileron would cause wing twist at high speed. For these reasons, spoilers are used in unison with ailerons to provide additional roll control.

Spoilers’ advantage is the elimination of adverse yaw

In addition (reffing the videotape below), spoilers come to action on the down-going wing to offset the adverse yaw.


Ground Spoiler? All fully extended together after touchdown! 

When all of the over-wing spoilers are fully extended together, this means that the non-differential spoilers remain extended and do not supplement the ailerons. Spoilers are extended immediately after touchdown to dump lift and thus transfer the weight of the aircraft from the wings onto the wheels for better braking performance.


Spoiler on glider

On gliders, spoilers are most often used to control rate of descent for accurate landings.


Power sources for Spoilers?

Ans: Hydraulic System



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