Steam Fog above water bodies – Method of achieving saturation

[Understanding Weather & Climate, Books a la Carte Edition (6th Edition) #ISBN-13: 978-0321773227 #ISBN-10: 0321773225 CH 5 Atmospheric Moisture]

Steam fog above water bodies – Method of achieving saturation

Step 1: adding water vapor to the air

Step 2: mixing cold air (with the warm, moist air)

Step 3: lowering the temperature to the dew point

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WHAT’s the difference between “mixing cold air with warm, moist air”  and “mixing cold, moist air with warm air” in “Step 2”?

According to # Humidity – Absolute humidity, Specific humidity, Relative humidity (RH), there is a maximum amount of water vapor that can exist at a particular temperature – Saturation Specific Humidity (= Maximum Specific Humidity). Therefore, in theory, warm and moist air has more water vapor than the cold and moist air.

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