Sweepback and Taper wing – Stalling at the wing tip first

[Ref. The Pilot’s Manual PM2 Ground School Page 46, FAA-H-8083-25B Page 5-22]

Sweepback and/or Taper wing will stall at the wing tip first

Source: https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/38482/where-is-the-spanwise-flow-how-does-the-span-wise-flow-point-the-air-towards-th

Reason of stalling at wing tip first

  1. outer wing has high AOI (Angle of Incidence) and thus experiences a higher aerodynamic loading
  2. in case sweepback design, more span-wise flow and
    thus effective AoA (α e) ↓ as well as overall lift ↓


Result (Problem) of stalling at wing tip first

  1. in case sweepback wing, stalling at the wing tip first
  2. cause the center of pressure (CP) moves inboard and forward
  3. produces a pitch-up tendency


HOW to fix? – Designs to induce wing root stalling first

  1. Great chamber at the tip – same principle as lower flaps
  2. Washout
  3. Stall strips



When sweepback is combined with low aspect ratio, it results in flying qualities very different from a more conventional high aspect ratio airplane configuration. Such airplanes require very precise and professional flying techniques, especially at slow speeds.

Extended reading:

WHY rectangular wing is better as a basic training aircraft?

Using C172 as an example, rectangular wing has a tendency to stall at wing root first.

Then, what is the benefit?


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