Thales connected cockpit puts 5D flight management on horizon

[Ref 3-9 Dec Flight International Magazine]

On 25 November 2019, Thales unveiled  a “connected cockpit” concept – PureFlyt. It does not exist today but will exploit vast quantities of data about the entire air traffic environment to optimise routing in real time throughout the duration of a journey.

PureFlyt will manage flight trajectories not only in “4D” – space and time, to minimise delays and maximise fuel efficiency by flying ideal routes – but in 5D. That fifth dimension is aircraft weight, which changes with load and, during flight, with fuel burn. Overall, the system could cut fuel consumption by 3-4%, believes Thales.

PureFlyt is an all-new and dedicated flight-management systems (FMS) computer, which will be isolated from the internet – but supplemented by an internet-connected, tablet-based electronic flightbag (EFB).

Peter Hitchcock, vice-president commercial avionics, says the teaming of FMS and EFB is designed to minimise the gap between the “strategic” flightplan objectives – as devised on the ground and represented in the EFB – and the “tactical” reality of managing the flight through the secure FMS system that actually controls the aircraft.


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Challenge of four “megatrends”

  1. passenger aircraft fleet is expected to double in size by 2035
  2. unmanned systems will start operating in this increasingly crowded airspace
  3. require more and more competitive solutions for air traffic and airline management
  4. respect environmental demands for emissions and noise reduction

As a result, Thales believes that the huge increase in the number of flying objects can only be accommodated safely with the data benefit of increasing connectivity.

Thales is developing its new FMS (PureFlyt) to tackle the challenge of four “megatrends” that will characterise aviation for several decades to come.



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