Turkish 737 veered off runway before gear collapse

[Ref 3-9 Dec Flight International Magazine]

On 21 November 2019, Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-JGZ) had been operating flight TK467 from Istanbul. It suffered a gear collapse at Odessa had initially veered off the runway while landing.

The aircraft executed a go-around during its first landing approach. Later, the aircraft touched down on runway 16 but, during the roll-out, travelled off the side of the runway. Eventually, the aircraft came to a halt on the left edge of the runway with its left-hand main landing-gear on the grass and its right main gear and nose-gear on the runway. None of the 134 passengers and crew on board the jet was injured. The occupants were evacuated via slides.

Odessa airport was experiencing an overcast cloud base at 1,800ft but good visibility, although there were gusting crosswinds from the east.  The airport’s operator claims that a strong crosswind of up to 33kt (61km/h) was the “cause” of the accident.



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