UNICOM (Universal Communications)

[Ref. AIP Australia GEN 3.4 – 7  (25 MAY 2017)]

UNICOM (Universal Communications)

UNICOM is a non-ATS communications service provided to enhance the value of information normally available about a non-controlled aerodrome.

The primary function of the frequency used for UNICOM services where the UNICOM is the CTAF is to provide pilots with the means to make standard positional broadcasts when operating in the vicinity of an aerodrome. Participation in UNICOM services must not inhibit the transmission of standard positional broadcasts.

Important quotes from AIP Australia GEN:

  • 3.3.6 The UNICOM operator is solely responsible for the accuracy of any information passed to an aircraft, while the use of information obtained from a UNICOM is at the discretion of the pilot in command.

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