Using GE9X as an example to see what certification testing should be done on engine

[Ref 19-25 November 2019 | Flight International]

The 105,000lb-thrust (467kN) GE9X is the only power option for both 777X variants – the 777-8 and larger -9. GE is now completing series of certification testing on the engine. Those testing include but not limited to:

  1. endurance test
  2. vibration endurance test
  3. maturation test
  4. flight test

An endurance test, which examines engine performance when operated for extended periods at “red-line temperatures and red-line speed of rotors.”

Similar vibration endurance tests, during which engineers run it with rotor imbalances. That will help determine the powerplant’s ability to withstand such conditions and help establish procedures pilots will use to respond to issues.

Maturation testing on one engine – work that involves subjecting it to extreme operating conditions, such as “airborne dusting”. Those tests will help engineers understand how the powerplant performs over time when operated in extreme environments.



Although GE discovered a problem with stator vanes at the front end of the GE9X’s high-pressure compressor, they have fixed the assembly to make it more durable.

Boeing executives and industry analysts have predicted a surge in 777X orders in the next decade as models currently in service edge towards retirement.

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