Virgin 787s suffered Hong Kong ILS deviations after Etihad incident

[Ref Flight International Magazine 17-23 March 2020]

Investigators in Hong Kong have revealed serious localiser deviation incidents related to Boeing 787 series

Two are involving Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9s and one is related to an Ethiopian Airlines 787-8, which occurred within a few weeks of a similar occurrence to an Etihad Airways 787-9.

All these indicidents share certain degree of similarities:

  • those aircraft were carrying out an ILS approach to 25R in visual conditions
  • took place in the vicinity of the RIVER waypoint, which lies some 16nm from the threshold of 25R. To the north of this approach path is a mountainous area including such peaks as Tai Mo Shan, which rises to nearly 3,200ft.

Some kept deviating to the right of the localiser and descending below minimum sector altitude. Others  overshot the intended heading. Luckily, those aircraft either were instructed to execute a go-around or manually re-established the jet on the ILS. Therefore, all flights were landed safely on the same runway and none of the occupants was injured.

No conclusions have been reached regarding the incidents.


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ILS – Instrument Landing System

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