Vu has vision for safer operations

[Ref 5-11 Nov 2019 Flight International Magazine]

Vu Systems says its patented Vu Cube technology – launched at the recent NBAA event in Las Vegas – is the world’s first passive millimetre wave (PMMW) sensor for aviation.

This new technology capable of “seeing through clouds” – which suppose to revolutionise operations in low-visibility minima.

“Our Vu Cube sensor can effectively see through fog, clouds and low ceilings, providing a significant visual advantage to pilots that is measured in miles, rather than feet,” says Vu chief executive Stedman Stevens.

Vu is linking up with Saab, which offers a head-up guidance system using a traditional infrared sensor to offer a dual-sensor Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) package.

When the two sensors work collaboratively using “smart bleeding” of data to provide pilots with a seamless visual display during low-visibility operations.

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