WHAT if fuel-air mixture is too rich/too lean?

WHAT if fuel-air mixture is too rich/too lean?

overly rich mixture lowers the temperature inside the cylinder, inhibiting complete combustion of the fuel could cause spark plug fouling from excessive carbon buildup on the plugs.

over-rich mixture is usually indicated by :

  1. black smoke from the exhaust
    (*** Blue smoke is caused by excess oil, which pass through the piston rings and being burnt in the cylinders)
  2. rough running of the engine
  3. high fuel consumption
  4. afterfiring (=torching) – i.e fuel igniting in the exhaust system rather than the cylinder

overly lean mixture causes detonation, which may result in rough engine operation, overheating, and/or a loss of power.

over-lean mixture is usually indicated by :

  1. backfiring – i.e an explosion of the fuel-air mixture either in,or back into the induction manifold.


p.S – Mixture Control (= mixture needle) controls the amount of fuel to the discharge nozzle.

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