What’s the different between “Wind shear alert” and “microburst alert” ? (US)

[Ref US AIM Section 3 Airport Operations 4-3-7]

What’s the different between “Wind shear alert” and “microburst alert” ? (US)

Ans: “Wind shear alert” is the information from basic LLWAS; “microburst alert” is provided when LLWAS integrated with TDWR.

LLWAS (Low Level Wind Shear Alert System) only provides Wind shear alertwind shear alert and gust front information – but does NOT provide microburst alerts;

When LLWAS “network expansion,” (LLWAS NE) and LLWAS Relocation/Sustainment (LLWAS−RS) are systems integrated with TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar). These systems provide the capability of detecting microburst alerts and wind shear alerts. Controllers will issue the appropriate wind shear alerts or microburst alerts. In some of these systems controllers also have the ability to issue wind information oriented to the threshold or departure end of the runway.

Runway 17 arrival microburst alert, 40 knot loss 3 mile final.

How do pilots know if there is low-level wind shear (LLWS) near airport? (US)


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