What’s VOR?

What’s VOR?

VOR: the full name is Very High Frequency  Omni-directional Range, which is a very common in modern civil aviation industry. VOR transmitted between 108 – 117.95 Mhz is used for Navigation purpose and VOR transmitted between 118 – 137 Mhz is used for radio communication.

If VOR is used as NAV Aid, it provides the magnetic bearing information to/from the ground VOR station. The range of VOR usually is between 25 NM and 140 NM. However, VOR has the line-of-sight restriction.


How does it work?

VOR ground station sent our 360 straight line single to all direction, which mean every degree has 1 radial. Rightly, the 360 radials is the FM signal which is same in all direction. An other AM signal is changing at a constant rate. Therefore, the relative position of the aircraft can be checked.


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