Where is a likely location of CAT?

[Ref AC 00-6B, AC 00-30C 6.5]

Where is a likely location of CAT?

Ans: upwind of the base of the trough on the polar side of a jet stream

According to AC 00-30C 6.5:

“There are several patterns of upper-level winds that are associated with CAT. One of these is a deep, upper trough. The word “trough” refers to winds that dip southward, then rise northward, forming a trough-like pattern. A “ridge” is the opposite, where the winds move northward, then dip southward, forming a ridge-like pattern.

CAT is found most frequently at, and just upwind of, the base of the trough, especially just downwind of an area of strong temperature advection. Another area of the trough in which to suspect CAT is along the centerline of a trough area, where there is a strong horizontal wind shear between the jet core and winds to the poleward side of the jet core. CAT is also found in the west side of a trough in the vicinity of a wind maxima as the maxima passes along the trough.”


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